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Nolan has been a professional children’s entertainer for many years, gaining experience after every show, Nolan is an all round entertainer, who loves his job.
He says that no two shows are the same, every birthday party or corporate function is completely different from the others. Nolan started off, working for Mecca, working with lots of celebrities along the way. He learnt the tricks of his trade working in big holiday parks and being in a double act with the world acclaimed Arnold Gutbucket.
Having children of his own has given him, the hardest critics in the world! 

Nolan has been a regular favourite at one of the biggest caravan parks in the country owned by Bunn Leisure. Performing to hundreds of children a night, means he certainly knows how to entertain youngsters of all ages.
One of the many memorable shows that springs to Nolan's mind when he looks back over the years, is the time that he entertained children at a lavish garden party, which was attended by her majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Nolan's shows are full of fun, laughter, magic, balloon modelling and much more. 
Nolan is a regular at many schools providing discos for leaver's parties, end of term dances, Christmas, Easter and many other occasions throughout the year. 

Nolan has been asked many times, "Is it a hard job?", his reply is always the same, "No, when you enjoy something, it is easy“!

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